Hi Everyone, last year I showed you how I created my vision board. This year I won’t be making a new video but I am sharing what my vision board holds for 2016. We moved around a lot last year and my 2015 vision board kind of got lost in the process (I put it in a large sketchbook, and it’s still there I just never fished it out). 

2015 has been somewhat of an uncertain year for me and while it was far from bad, it wasn’t the most comfortable. I think it’s because I had too many plans but too little routine, which is something that I really need. My main priority for 2016 is to create that routine and keep it simple. Below is my vision board for 2016 with the explanations, below that the how-to video from last year and below the 2015 vision board with its outcomes. 


Starting from the top, left to right:
1. Food – Eat healthy and mainly plant-based
2. Book – Unplug more and no blue-light before bed
3. Snowy tracks – Visit somewhere snowy
4. Fruit water – Hydrate, always (and bring my own container when out and about)
5. Exercise  – Get fit again. Fitness, yoga, running and walking mainly
6. Desk – Find a good work life balance and routine
7. Financial planner – Track expenses and budget. We already save, but I’d like to have a better overview
8. Sea – Visit the ocean/sea more
9. Furniture – Get an apartment and furnish it with pre-owned stuff
10. Flowers – Shop at markets and at small businesses. And bring more greenery into my life
11. Curls – Take care of my hair as if it were an expensive fabric
12. Closet – Buy only higher quality, natural fiber fabrics and items, or buy it second hand
13. Watercolors – Express my creativity though traditional media
14. Cosmetics – Streamline cosmetics, fewer and simpler
That’s definitely a way shorter list, I feel good about it!

I create my vision board in a program called InDesign:

As promised, some easier tools for creating your own vision board:

See last year’s vision board below:

Starting from the top, going left to right:

1. Free your mind – I’ve noticed that I’m not as open minded as I give myself credit for. I want that to change! I’ve definitely noticed a change here. Nowadays when I find myself making a judgement I immediately ask myself where it comes from and fine-tune accordingly

2. Yoga/Handstand – Learn to do a handstand and get stronger in the process. I cannot do a handstand and to be honest, I didn’t even practice it ever

3. Tumbler – Be more environmentally conscious (bring a tumbler when drinking hot beverages outside) check, I’ve been bringing my tumbler way more often, turning down “to-go” options, and opting for non-disposable options a lot more in general

4. Cosmetics – Streamline what I use, it’s been mostly trail and error so far. while I’ve used a lot of different products this year, I’m really starting to find some staples

5. Food – Continue eating healthy. there were a couple of times where I wasn’t as healthy, but overall I’m glad with how I’ve done this year

6. Youtube play button – Reach a new goal in subscribers. what did I say? 30k? I’ve definitely passed that, thank you all for joining!

7. Festival – Visit a festival. no festivals this year, maybe next

8. Follow your passion – Don’t lose sight of what I love. this is something I’ve really struggled with this year. Sometimes when you turn your passion into a job, it become less special and you have moments where you don’t like it. I’m learning now how to snap out of those funks

9. Camping – Spend some nights in the great outdoors.with our 3 week RV/camping trip and my trip to Africa I’m going to say that I’ve at least gone glamping! Hearing all sorts of animals around your tent makes you feel vulnerable, no matter how cushy your bed is :p 

10. Run – Run a half marathon for reals this time! maybe if I don’t put this on my vision board it’ll actually happen

11. Office – Streamline my work habits. this is something I only started doing in December…never too late I guess

12. Sandy Beaches – Visit the beach. Watamu Kenya and the California Coast, check!

13. Clothes – Continue capsule dressing. yes and no, this year I’ve was in the midst of a style overhaul. I’ve started gravitating towards certain fabrics and investing in them for the future, this means a lot of turnaround this year, but as an exception

14. Cameras – Take more pictures. i took more pictures than last year, but nowhere near what I wanted

15. Teacups – Drink more tea instead of coffee. so much tea this year

16. Everything you want is on the other side of fear – Don’t make decisions out of fear. iI have a fear of flying and Stephen makes that better. The 30hour trips to and from Kenya were grueling without him but im so glad I did it!

17. Hiking – Go hiking more. did not go hiking more

18. 2015 – Again; make this year count. while I feel like I wasn’t really present this year and a lot of my life felt chaotic, I’ve learned so much this year so it definitely counted

19. Emma Watson – Poise, education and standing up for what I believe in. this year I feel like I’ve really started growing into myself. I’m also starting to understand how to separate what I think I want and from what I really want and need

20. Canoe – Visit Canada. I had a layover in Toronto, but that doesn’t really count

21. Grand Canyon – Visit the Grand Canyon/National Parks. this year we visited more national parks than some people visit in a lifetime!

22. Never give up – Don’t stop when the road gets tough. there have been a couple of times I wanted to give up some of the things I’ve been working on. I’m glad I didn’t and I intend on improving on them!

23. Heart – Love with all my heart. always

24. Drink water – Last year especially I have learned what a huge role enough water plays in my general wellbeing. I want to keep enforcing that! water and herbal tea all the way

So yeah, it looks like a lot of the things on my vision board didn’t happen, but many did and I am so fortunate and grateful for that! I’m excited to see what 2016 has to bring. 

Here’s to a good year!
Live Light!