Hi All! While I’m not really the type of person for the whole new years resolutions thing, I do like figuring out my hopes, dreams, and goals for the future. A vision board is the perfect way to figure out what you really want, as well as an awesome reference to use while looking back on the past year.  It’s also a great reminder of your goals along the way. I went to weheartit.com for some extra inspiration and typed in key words that had to do with my goals. It hangs in my closet so that it motivates me to stay positive as I get ready for the day. Thank you Mascha for introducing me to this concept a couple of years ago!
Let me start off with going over last year’s vision board:
Starting from the top, going left to right:
1. Abs – This year I want to become strong, physically. Check…but I also let it slide a little around the holidays.
2. Nuts and Berries – I want to eat healthier, and become healthier in the process. Check, again though, let that one slide a little around the holidays :p
3. Truly, Madly, Deeply – Fall further in love with my husband. CHECK! It surprises me how every day still, I find new things that make me fall in love with him all over again.
4. Amsterdam – Go home to visit my family twice (as soon as I can and for Christmas) Summer & Winter..Check! 
5. Find a Job – Once possible, find a job that I’ll enjoy. Oh how far I’ve come since then and how much I’ve learned. I’ve had the pleasure of being my own boss and now I’m getting to work on something that’s a little bigger than me.
6. Desk – Get motivated to work from home as well. I’ve definitely gotten very disciplined!
7. Minimalist room – Keep with my minimalist side and don’t let keeping up with the Joneses take over. Check.
8. Long hair – Take care of my hair so it can grow longer than it has ever been. My hair got super healthy, but it’s not that much longer, here’s to next year!
9. Girl Stretching – Make exercise a second nature. Hm, again, that slipped a little around the holidays :/
10. Seoul – Visit Korea and the friends that live there. It was awesome!
11. Never stop exploring – Finding adventure wherever I go, no matter how far or close. I’ve had such a wonderful year exploring the city with Stephen on the weekends, walking along streets we’ve never walked before 🙂
12. Yoga – Practice more. I went to more yoga classes this year than last, so yes! 
13. Dreams don’t work – Action creates reaction. Definitely, and it’s so motivating too. Overtime I’ve taken action, something shifted, setting other things into motion! Just send that email/invite/application, you’ll never know what happens!
14. Just Run – Run a half Marathon. Did not do that, BUT I did get up to 14k which is a personal record 😀
15. Fruit – Substitute fruit for sweets. Holidays…
16. Youtube – Get over 1000 subscribers. Ohohohohohhh, nailed it!
17. London – Visit London with Stephen. Last minute, but we went and we loved it!
18. 2014 – Make this year count. I really think this has been my best year yet.
19. If you haven’t found it – Never settle. I think I’ve dodged so many bullets with this one, I feel stronger and more independent than ever before.
20. Closet – Start and stick with project333. It’s kind of morphed into its own thing, but I’ll probably keep capsule dressing for a long time.
21. Blouse – Keep my wardrobe simple but chic. Remember that super blue portofino shirt and the green pants? Well that was my attempt at trying to add color to my wardrobe. I realized that was just not me and so I sold them. It’s back to simple, and black is always chic! 
22. Travel the world – Visit someplace I’ve never been. Poland, and it was beautiful!
23. Heart – Stay true to my heart. This year I’ve really learned to trust my gut and listen to my heart.
24. Unconditionally – Show the people I love, how much I love them. Especially my family back home, long distance is hard, and takes even more effort when it’s more than one person. I talk to my mom almost everyday and my immediate family is in a group chat on Telegram…not bad. 
So yeah, that was last year. I’ve been incredibly lucky with all the things I’ve been able to see and do, the people in my life are so wonderful, and this blog/YouTube adventure has been so great. Thank you for sticking with me as I awkwardly make my debut. I’ll do my best to keep improving with each and every video I make. 
In this video I show you how I create my vision board in a program called InDesign:

As promised, some easier tools for creating your own vision board:

See the completed vision board below:

Starting from the top, going left to right:

1. Free your mind – I’ve noticed that I’m not as open minded as I give myself credit for. I want that to change!
2. Yoga/Handstand – Learn to do a handstand and get stronger in the process.
3. Tumbler – Be more environmentally conscious (bring a tumbler when drinking hot beverages outside)
4. Cosmetics – Streamline what I use, it’s been mostly trail and error so far.
5. Food – Continue eating healthy.
6. Youtube play button – Reach a new goal in subscribers.
7. Festival – Visit a festival.
8. Follow your passion – Don’t lose sight of what I love.
9. Camping – Spend some nights in the great outdoors.
10. Run – Run a half marathon for reals this time!
11. Office – Streamline my work habits.
12. Sandy Beaches – Visit the beach.
13. Clothes – Continue capsule dressing.
14. Cameras – Take more pictures.
15. Teacups – Drink more tea instead of coffee.
16. Everything you want is on the other side of fear – Don’t make decisions out of fear.
17. Hiking – Go hiking more.
18. 2015 – Again; make this year count.
19. Emma Watson – Poise, education and standing up for what I believe in.
20. Canoe – Visit Canada.
21. Grand Canyon – Visit the Grand Canyon/National Parks.
22. Never give up – Don’t stop when the road gets tough.
23. Heart – Love with all my heart.
24. Drink water – Last year especially I have learned what a huge role enough water plays in my general wellbeing. I want to keep enforcing that!

Here’s to a good year!
Live Light!