Hi! In this video I’ll be answering a bunch of your questions about living light. See the questions down below and use the time-stamps to skip ahead!

Also this is where you can find “part one” of this Q&A: https://youtu.be/fhsWT5e97YA

1. Have you always been a minimalist? If not, when did you start and why? 0:31

2. Can you please talk about your pre-minimalist life? 0:41

3. Have you always been organized? 1:17

4. Did you have minimalist / living light traits when you were younger? 1:27

5. What’s the hardest part of living light? 1:49

6. What’s the best part of living light? 2:12

7. How do you deal with sentimental items? 2:24

8. Where do you store sentimental items? 3:16

9. How did you go about decluttering your childhood bedroom? Did it make your family sad? 3:32

10. Is your family minimalist? 4:20

11. How did your family and friends react to your minimalism? 4:28

12. How about your husband (Stephen)?  4:43

13. How do you deal with living with others who are not ready to minimize? 4:58

14. Do you ever feel like you’re wasting when you get rid of things? 5:12

15. What do you do with things that can’t be sold or donated? 5:39

16. Have you ever gotten rid of something and then regretted it? 5:56

17. Have you ever bought a replacement for something, gotten rid of the old thing and then realized you hated the replacement? 6:53

18. I’m moving or studying abroad and I don’t need to bring furniture, what do I bring? 7:16

19. How are the Project333 capsule wardrobes working for you? 8:13

20. Do you ever need to replace something in the middle of a season? 8:39

21. What do you do with the things not in your current capsule wardrobe? 8:57

22. Do you have to do more laundry now that you are using a capsule wardrobe? 9:14

23. Does your minimalist life style ever stop you from purchasing something you really want?  9:23   https://youtu.be/qTXLAMMN1F0

24. Did you ever count how many things you have? 10:05

25. How many pairs of trousers do you have? 10:19

26. How many jackets/coats do you have? 10:32

27. How can you live in such impersonal or sterile spaces? 10:43

28. How do you decorate? 11:45 http://www.becomingminimalist.com/stage-your-home-for-living/

29. How do you feel about about stuff that reflects your unique interests and personality? 12:00

30. How would you suggest living light with pets and/or children? 13:06 https://youtu.be/Qs1BN69wjcw

31. What do you think the difference is between a frugal lifestyle and a minimalist one? 13:53

32. Assuming limited resources (space and money) where are your top priorities for spending as oppposed to saving? 14:25

33. Do you adopt the minimalist lifestyle for cooking as well? As in, less spices? 14:42

34. What are your cookware essentials for someone who has pretty much zero storage? 15:06 https://lightbycoco.com/2014/05/kitchen-tour.html

BONUS: What music do you use and what materials? 16:06

Live Light!