Hi Everyone, in this video I will be answering some of the things you wanted to know about me personally. Since this is a very long video I’ve listed all of your questions in the description below, along with some shortcuts so you can jump straight to what you want to know! Enjoy!

1. Is Coco your real name and how did you get it? 0:21
2. How old are you? 0:32
3. How tall are you? 0:35
4. Why is your English so good? 0:56
5. Can you speak Dutch for us? 1:49
6. Do you still think in Dutch or default to it when emotions run high? 2:16
7. How does a Dutch girl end up in the US? 2:42
8. What do you miss most about the Netherlands (apart from your family)? 2:59
9. What are some typical things about Dutch people? 3:27
10. Do you ever think about coming back to Europe? 4:15
11. What did you study in college and why? 4:22
12. What is your job and how did you get there? 5:06
13. What would you say to someone choosing a career? 5:47
14. What are your goals for the future (family/career/housing/location)? 5:53
15. What are your hobbies? 6:38
16. What do you do for entertainment without spending a lot? 7:04
17. Do you prefer small houses to large houses? Do you have any preferences on the size of your future home? 7:13 https://www.pinterest.com/lightbycoco/for-the-home/
18. What are your favorite books about personal development? 8:01
19. What have you read recently and liked? 8:24
20. How do you feel about the microwave? 8:40
21. How does it feel to sleep not only on a mattress, but also have a bed frame? 8:53
22. Any new beauty items that you’ve picked up and loved? 9:40
23. If you were going to purchase another everyday handbag, which would it be? 9:57
24. How long did it actually take to put the place together from start to finish? 10:36
25. What kind of diet do you have? 10:49 https://lightbycoco.com/2014/11/on-food.html
26. Do you find it easier to Euro-shop for groceries more frequently or do you do a weekly big trip? 10:59
27. Do you meal plan? 11:12
28. How do you keep all your food supplies to a minimum when recipes all want hundreds of ingredients? 11:16
29. What do you think about veganism as a way to simplify our lives, diet, and  decrease our ecological footprint while at the same time saving animals lives? 11:47
30. Any thoughts on going vegan in the future? 12:32
31. What do you think about Soylent? 12:44
32. How do you get naturally curly hair to be straight like you have it? 13:16
33. Did you have a minimalist wedding? 13:29 https://lightbycoco.com/2014/10/1-year-wedding-anniversary.html
34. How do you and Stephen manage to live in a one room apartment without driving each other crazy sometimes? 13:42
35. What time do you go to bed and wake up? 14:10
36. It appears you have an interest in Korea? Why? 14:22
37. Are there any places in the world you would like to travel to? 14:46
38. What is your favorite place you have visited? 15:03
39. Do you prefer to buy more expensive things when you shop for yourself and does the price matter? What’s your budget? 15:34
40. With your journal/notebook, do you digitize the pages when you’re finished or do you recycle? 16:06
41. What´s your favorite flower and what´s your favorite color of interior? 16:25
42. Do you do anything special to keep your teeth so white? 16:51
43. Who takes care of your hands? 17:22
44. How do you stop procrastination? 17:32
45. Who is your favorite character from game of thrones? 18:05
Live Light!