Hi Everyone! I’ve gotten to a point where I am happy with my jewelry collection. It’s small but versatile. My metal of choice is silver, my stone is black and my gem is diamond.

As you will find out soon, it’s all costume jewelry with the exception of the pieces I wear every day (wedding band and a single stone platinum bracelet). This gives me peace of mind and the liberty to try out more daring pieces without breaking the bank. When I was young my family’s house was robbed. The thieves took everything that was of value and left the fakes. At this point in my life I don’t feel comfortable having those kind of valuables; in the future I probably will.

A list:

1. Long Dainty Geometric Necklace – H&M
2. Long Mala-inspired Necklace – Market in St.Tropez
3. Short Dainty Necklace – The Limited
4. Minimalist Choker – Strap: Bijou Brigitte – Metal plate: Forever 21
5. Statement Bib – Aldo
6. Elephant Open Cuff Bracelet – Banana Republic
7. Shēngxiào Bracelet – Bulguksa Temple
8. Simple Casio Watch – American Apparel 
9. Stacking Rings – H&M
10. Coil Statement Ring – Forever 21
11. Geometric Statement Ring – H&M
12. Filigree Drop Earrings – Vendor in Croatia
13. Statement Fan Earrings – Forever 21
14. Pull Through Earrings – Icing
15. Small Spherical Studs – H&M
16. Large Spherical Studs – H&M
17. Snake Ear Cuff – Icing
18. Single Stone Platinum Bracelet – Blush Jewels (not shown)

Any sentimental pieces that I never wear are in my keepsakes box. I tend to wear the beaded necklace as well as the filigree earrings more in summer. I don’t wear a lot of bracelets because they get in the way when I am on the computer or wearing long sleeves.

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