Hi Everyone! I want to talk a little more in-depth about how I create a capsule wardrobe. While I use specific numbers and temperatures, it’s important to understand that ultimately creating a capsule wardrobe is about using your own creativity to create something that suits you. There is no one size fits all for capsule dressing. 

I’ve lived in the tropics and in places where the temperature drops relatively far below freezing. I know capsule wardrobes can work for anyone, it just takes some practice. The Capsule wardrobes that I talk about don’t include, socks, underwear, loungewear, sportswear (unless you’re planning on wearing pieces in a non-sport environment), or sentimental jewelry. In this video I didn’t cover accessories, but those should be pretty straight forward.

My previous creating a capsule wardrobe video: https://youtu.be/_R-0a0xlyXQ
On my lips I am wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood and my necklaces are both featured in my previous capsule wardrobe (the long one is wrapped around twice)

The visual was created with a combination of Polyvore.com and InDesign and I recorded my screen with Quicktime.

On laundry: I wear my tops 2-3 times between washes and I spot-clean and/or freeze my bottoms and outer/upper wear in a plastic bag when they are smelly and/or stained. Natural fibers really make a difference in the wear of pieces. Buying items that are 100% of a natural fiber really reduces the amount of pilling too.

Live Light!