Hi Everyone! I’m excited to share this season’s capsule wardrobe with you. This capsule wardrobe is based off of the Project 333 concept.
Check out the Project 333 website and try it for yourself. http://theproject333.com/getting-started/
A little backstory, anyone who has been to SF, knows that it’s basically got it’s own climate which is a lot colder and windier than the rest of the Bay Area. We moved about an hour away from the city and wow, the climate is so different here! It’s very hot and dry during the day but then cools down quite a bit in the evening. So I’ve had to acquire some hot weather pieces. We are living on campus and so I’ve turned to some pieces that are a little more, well, laid back.
Keep in mind that these changes were gradual over the course of five months and I even got some secondhand stuff (which is very hard for a girl my height! 185cm).

  1. Gray Fitted Tank – Goodwill (Secondhand)
  2. Gray Peace Tank – H&M (Existing)
  3. Black T-Shirt – Old Navy Tall
  4. Gray T-Shirt – Old Navy Tall
  5. White Blouse – Goodwill (Secondhand)
  6. Striped boatneck Longsleeve – H&M
  7. Gray Loose knit – Old Navy Tall
  8. Aubergine Blouse – LOFT Tall
  9. Chambray Blouse – H&M (Existing)
  10. Black Collarless Blouse – Express (Existing)
  11. Black Quilted Blazer – H&M (Existing)
  12. Gray Oversized Cardigan – Vanilia (Existing)
  13. Black Jersey Shift Dress – Old Navy Tall
  14. White High Waisted Jeans – LOFT Tall
  15. Black Pants – LOFT Tall
  16. DIY Distressed Denim Shorts – Goodwill (Secondhand)
  17. Black Shorts – Express (Existing)
  18. White Shorts – Express (Existing)
  19. Belt – Ferragamo (Gift)
  20. Pointed Toe Flats – Calvin Klein
  21. Sandals – Michael Kors
  22. Clutch Wallet – Ferragamo (Existing)
  23. Tote Bag – Mulberry (Existing)
  24. Scarf/Sarong – Market in San Tropez (Existing)
  25. Sunglasses – Ray-Ban (Existing)
Reasons for parting with items from my previous wardrobe(s):
  1. Skinny Belt – Broke after 2 weeks (recycled)
  2. Ballet Flats – The round toe is starting to feel too outdated (donated)
  3. Long dark gray tee – The fit made me feel frumpy (donated)
  4. Collarless white shirt – Sleeves shrank in the wash (sold)
  5. Green Skinnies – Not in love with the color (sold)
  6. Coated Black Skinnies – got too tight and uncomfortable (sold)
  7. Black Bodycon dress – I was super self conscious each time wearing it (sold)
  8. Cobalt blue blouse – Not comfortable in the color (sold)
  9. Gray Skinnies – Used to replace green skinnies, worn out (donated for fabric recycling)
  10. Gray Ski-Coat – Wore it in Poland in winter, let’s just say it keeps you warm when you’re active…but not when you’re casually strolling through a city in the snow (sold)
In storage:
  1. Blue & white dress for special occasions – Gap Tall
  2. Black long-sleeved tee – Gap Tall
  3. Gray long-sleeved tee – Gap Tall
  4. Gray & white blazer – Banana Republic Tall
  5. Black & white printed scarf – Zara
  6. Navy oversized sweater – H&M
  7. White button down – Banana Republic Tall
  8. Black short boots – Cole Haan
  9. Replacement navy winter coat – Canadiens
My goal with living light and capsule dressing is not about seeing how little I can have, or never to shop again. It’s about me being conscious about what I have and making sure the things I have create happiness while living within my means and without excess.
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPYk8j0dGPc