Yesterday marks our one-year-anniversary. The year has gone by fast and it has been amazing. Many people have asked us how married life is. The truth; it’s not different at all. Every day we continue to grow as a couple, as a team, as friends.

Our wedding was perfect. It was small with just our immediate families. In San Francisco City Hall. We had the ceremony in the rotunda and because it was so early in the morning we practically had the place to ourselves (it’s a public building) and the lighting was beautiful!

All alone! With the rotunda behind us.
Giant windows letting in the morning sun (9am)


My DIY bouquet and dress detail. It’s the same dress as my mom wore to my her wedding with a slight adjustment of the hem and without the 80’s style bolero shrug (shoulder pads).
DIY Boutonnieres for all the guests, and Stephen’s had a little fern in it.
After the ceremony we had dim sum for lunch. Stephen and I regularly have dim sum but it was great watching my family trying out the various little dishes. When lunch was finished we headed to the Exporatorium (the museum of science, art and human perception) and spent a couple of hours there. Dinner was at Luce and was quite fancy and the perfect way to end the day.
The whole day was wonderful, intimate and stress free. As was the preparation.
Stephen agreed to do the husband & wife tag with me, stay tuned until the end for the answer to a question I get asked quite a lot!
The Questions:
1.Where did we meet?
2.Where was our first date?
3.How did you know he/she was the one?
4.What was your first impression of him/her?
5.When did you meet his/her family?
6.Do you have a tradition or a ritual?
7.What was your first road trip together?
8.Who said I love you first and where were we?
9.What do we argue about the most?
10.Who wears all the pants in the relationship?
11.If I’m sitting in front of the TV, what am I watching?
12.What kind of dressing does he/she get on his/her salad?
13.What’s one food he/she doesn’t like?
14.You go out to eat, what drink does he/she order?
15.What size shoes does he/she wear?
16.If he/she was collecting anything, what would it be?
17.What is his/her favorite type of sandwich?
18.What would he/she eat everyday if he/she could?
19.What is his/her favorite cereal?
20.What is his/her favorite music?
21.What is his/her favorite sports team?
22.What is his/her eye color?
23.Who is his/her best friend?
24.What is something you do that he/she wishes you wouldn’t?
25.What is his/her heritage and where is he/she from?
26.You bake him/her a cake for his/her birthday, what kind of cake is it?
27.Did he/she play any sports?
28.What could he/she spend hours doing?
29.What is one unique talent he/she has?
BONUS: Who was a minimalist first?
Live Light!