An Update On Videos

Hi! It’s that time again. An update about the YouTube channel: I don’t plan on uploading any new videos after today.

I’ve been making videos for well over 3 years now. It all started because I wanted to share how paring down benefited my life and hopefully help someone in the process. At the time I was doing freelance work and my schedule was very flexible. Making videos was a hobby that I gladly practiced in my free time.

Now I have a full-time job and no longer have the energy or time. I didn’t expect to get this much traction, and while I’m grateful for it, it’s also brought in more (perhaps self-imposed) obligations. Each video takes 10+ hours to complete from planning to uploading, and truth be told, it’s become a chore when paired with my busy work schedule. It’s tougher these days to enjoy my free time because I often feel like I _have_ to work on a new video. This weight drags on throughout every week, where I have to carve out many hours of focused work for the channel. Sticking to my own living light principles, I know a hobby should relieve stress in one’s free time, not add to it, so I am doing myself a favor by permanently crossing off making videos from the to-do list.

Fortunately, the topic of minimalism is becoming more and more popular and videos are now being made with more b-roll, more well-lit spaces, and just better quality than what I can do in my limited time. I’ve gone over all the core topics I wanted to share, so it’s hard to feel creative, especially with so many other sources now covering similar information.

I’m sad to disappoint the amazing group of people who have been so supportive and kind during my time on YouTube. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!

You can follow me on Instagram. It’s a lighter-weight platform for expression that makes it easier for me to give smaller updates (such as selling our tv). I plan to stick to that for the foreseeable future.

Thanks again for this adventure.


Live Light!